Latvia is the one who raised me, and I like to think that she raised me well. I arrived in the UK at the age of 20, already a young man, so I think it only fair to say that she nurtured me in my innocence. 

Here I am before you, now settled inside this great beast we know as London, and I have come here in pursuit of still life glory, for somewhere along the way, I fell in love with photography. 

I must admit that it was fashion in particular that pulled me in by the thread. The images I absorbed, sprayed across fashion orientated magazines, showed me something that I simply couldn’t find in my modest surroundings. The glorious ‘fashion sense’ and composition of style I laid my eyes upon as I turned page by page, awakened a fascination that has dominated me ever since. I adore the process. First, you let your mind run wild. As your imagination explodes into life and your vision becomes crystal clear internally, you are faced with the challenge of bringing said vision, to life. I adore that challenge because once you have reached the peak, your dream has become reality.

I will never tire of the euphoria that washes over me as I pull my cannon away from my eyes, certain that there is a golden bullet inside the chamber.




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